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February 6th, 2015

Attention to all members.

1. Members who wish to purchase uniform please bring along money during the next meeting which is tomorrow and pass up. The uniform price list is already on our school’s Boys’ Brigade notice board, please refer the price and details there. Members that do not have full uniform parts and wish to purchase please bring along your money too.

2. Members that haven’t pass up members’ fees (RM10) please bring and pass up during next meeting.

The next meeting will be tomorrow.

Date: 7/2/2015 (Saturday)

Time: 8-10am

Venue: Bilik 301, Blok 98

See you tomorrow! 🙂

2015 2nd Meeting

February 6th, 2015

The 2nd meeting of the year was lead by Captain Melvin. Team building games and badge classes were held.

10962075_1475944505961307_619911583_nOur second meeting of the year was held on 31st January 2015.




Captain Melvin explaining about the activities of the day.10984800_1475944512627973_471449976_n

Members were divided into 4 squads for the team building games. The squad leaders for the day were Hong Qi Jun, Mah Yong Ern, Goh Jing Shyuan and Wong Xiangling.

10968139_1475944509294640_1891940033_nAll 22 members of each team has to go through the obstacles without touching the ropes. Members learned that teamwork is important.10965167_1475944485961309_2074155874_n

Members helping a member crossing the obstacle. Look at the smile on everyone’s face! Everybody is having much fun.



The second game is about each member may only use one finger to carry an object through a distance. The squad that finish carrying all the objects first wins.10904664_1475944445961313_578645674_n

Members carrying a book across a distance.


Teamwork is also very important in this game.

10966825_1475944429294648_272303198_nMembers from 21st Penang Company performing a song.


Gilbert Sir conducting Community Badge class.

The International Morse Code was introduced to members.


Captain Melvin conducted the Campers  Badge class.


An experienced member from 21st Penang Company helped some members who are not familiar with tieing knots.


A short slideshow about badges in Boys’ Brigade was presented by Captain Melvin.


Lastly, Sherlyn and Wong Xiangling made some announcements to the members before the meeting ends.