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Squad Leaders’ Training Camp (SLTC)

March 24th, 2017

Date : 21-23 March 2017

Venue : Ayer Itam Chinese Methodist Church

SLTC is a camp for the form 2 Boys’ Brigade members. It is a one time opportunity as only form 2s are allowed to join it. It aims to promote leadership, teamwork and all the other traits that a good and successful leader needs.

Day 1…Looks like somebody’s going to fall asleep!!

Mini squad games.

100% concentration.

‘Morning walk’ is a tradition in SLTC.

Star jumps before bed time doesn’t sound appealing…

**Dabs** (SLTC group photo)

Our ‘siao siao’ committees.

Weekly Meeting 11/3

March 12th, 2017

Date : 11 March 2017

Time : 8.00a.m. – 10.00a.m.

Venue : Classroom 301 , 302 , Space outside auditorium


It’s crafts and games this week!! Looks interesting? We are making a piggy bank using recycling materials. Other than that, we’re having games session which is a fun way to let the members understand each other better.

Piggy bank processing !
Wow! A cute piggy bank !
What are they doing??
Looks fun right?