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Weekly Meeting 4

February 23rd, 2020

Date:22 February 2020


Venue:C2,C3 and C4 Classroom


Teacher advisor:Teacher Quah Yee Hooi

Members sitting for safety basic test.

Members sitting for target theory test.

Members sitting for safety advance test.

Weekly Meeting 3

February 15th, 2020

Date:15 February 2020


Venue:C2,C3 and C4 Classroom


Teacher advisor:Puan Lau Sik Ngee

On 15 March 2020,we had organised target course,safety basic course and safety advance course for all the members.After the course,all the old members went to drill training while the new members went to the basketball court to practise drill for their target badge practical exam.Besides,the PSC drill team also had their training.

                                            Members that need to take target badge are practising their drill to help them pass in the test.

                                                          All BB old members are having their drill too.               

                                                                PSC Drill Team training.

                                                                   Ready to fall in!!!

                                                                looks like they really enjoy the course very much.

wowww someone’s privacy was inside the book.

Sharing is caring.

                                                                     Squad sharing time!!!

                                                                Pte Celeste is teaching us about safety course.

                                                       Members who take safety advance course are sitting together.

                                                                 All BB new members will so paying attention when the course start.




Orientation Camp

February 2nd, 2020

Date:1 February 2020


Venue:C2,C3,C4 Classrooms


Teacher advisor:Puan Lau Siik Ngie

Ice breaking session.

Introduction of BB culture by S/Sgt. Ee Leen.

All members are listening carefully.

Games session.

Prize giving session.

Say Cheese 🙂