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Cyber Weekly Meeting 3

March 31st, 2021

Date:27 March 2021




Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

We had our 3rd cyber weekly meeting

We sang Anchor Song before our meeting started

We were having room switching now.

Members were playing jigsaw puzzle together

F1 members attended Target Badge Course which conducted by F4 seniors

We sang Vesper before dismiss



March 15th, 2021

Date:March 2021




Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

On March 6, 2021, we held the 2nd cyber weekly meeting which was our orientation camp. At first, we had an ice breaking session to ‘warm up’ the members. In this meeting, we also played games such as guess the word and yes or no. Through all the games, members got to know more about each other and they also participate actively in whole meeting. At last, we had a short squad sharing and the team spirit among the members were improved!

We had our 2nd cyber weekly meeting


We sang Anchor Song before our Orientation Camp start


We sang Vesper before our dismiss


A 5 minutes short break


We continued with our game ‘Yes or No’



We had a short sharing before back to main room









Annual General Meeting 2021

March 12th, 2021

Date:27 February 2021




Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

It was our annual AGM via Google Meet in second year. At first, speech were given by our presidents, followed by Captain Teh Gim Beng and our two officers, Madam Tan Ee Leen and Madam Hui Juan. Our teacher advisors also gave a short speech. After that, we had introduction of departments in BB and special interest group (SIG) to our Form 1 recruits. At last, we have our squad corner to allow our Form 1 newbies to know more about each other.








Captain Teh Gim Beng gave a speech.

Puan Lau gave a speech.









Introduction of Special Interest Group(SIG)









Contact number of our PIC to register SIG









We had a short break









Announcement for the coming WM