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WM 6 2022

July 25th, 2022

Date: 16 July 2022



Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

We held our drill competition yesterday (16/7/2022). We had a drill training before our drill competition started, all members had been practicing hard in the training. Our drill competition started around 8:40am, every member tried their best to win the first place in the drill competition. Soon, our final results were out and squad 5 won the first place. Besides that, our best squad commander was Pte. Lew Zi Yen. Before our WM 6 ended, we distributed the badges to our members.

Pte. Lew Zi Yen won the best squad commander prize.

Our members were practicing hard before drill competition started

WM 5 2022

July 19th, 2022

Date: 2 July 2022



Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

On 2 July 2022, we had our drill competition and target test. While we were having our drill trainings for the upcoming competition, it began to sprinkle so drill competition was canceled. We went indoors and carried out physical trainings. It was pretty tiring but fun! On the other hand, target test finished successfully.

WM 4 2022

July 8th, 2022

Date: 25/6/22




Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

During the weekly meeting yesterday, our members had their drill training. Every squad was working hard and trying their best to win in the drill competition in the coming WM. On the other hand, our f1 members learned about BB history, anchor song, vesper and others for the coming target test!

This is one of our sig, Colour Guard!

It’s our Riffle Team performance.

Hardworking tho!

Our members had drill traning for the upcoming drill competition.

L/cpl. Tan Xuan Min was teaching our members marching.