AGM 2022

May 1st, 2022

Date: 23 APRIL 2022




Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

We had our first weekly meeting which was Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 23 APRIL 2022. This meeting introduced our AJKs of Boys’ Brigade. We knew that nine departments and six SIG through this meeting.As an example,discipline master cares about our uniform attires, manners, punctuality and cleanliness. If members do not polish their uniform parts, punishments will be given.We had a beautiful and interactive session with our members too during our squad sharing session.We sang Vesper before our AGM dismissed.


All members were interested in ATC’s videos.

Our teacher advisor,tch Lau Siik Ngie gave us a speech.

Our pres, Cpl.Teh Yun Jae also gave BB members speech of encouragement.

We had our squad sharing session.Everyone looked happy tho.

We were introducing our SIG to our BB new members!

Everyone seems so interested to our SIGs’ videos.


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