Uniform and T-shirt

March 23rd, 2018

Uniform price list 

2018 2019
1. Company’s mufti RM21.00 RM21.00
2. Name Tag RM3.50 RM4.00
3. Uniform shirt RM37.00 RM38.00 (club subsidize RM1)
4. Uniform skirt RM38.00 RM39.00 (club subsidize RM1)
5. Service cap RM8.50 RM8.50
6. Service cap badge RM4.00 RM4.00
7.Sky blue tie RM7.50 RM7.50
8. Haversack RM7.00 RM7.00
9. Haversack metal loop and slide RM9.00 RM9.00
10. Haversack metal button RM4.00 RM4.00
11. BB leather belt RM38.00 RM38.00
12. Navy blue sock RM7.50 RM7.50
13. BB leather boot RM74.20 (before Jun – GST)

RM70 (after Jun – no GST)



Please take note:

  • All prices are subject to changes.
  • Uniform accessories are available on “first-come-first-served” basis. Pay accurate amount of money for the exchange of good on the spot.
  • It is compulsory for all BB Members to buy the Company’s mufti.
  • All BB Members are required to be in full uniform for the participation in the Company, State and National events. They are strongly encouraged to purchase the uniform as we are a uniform and discipline unit.
  • Please pay attention to the announcement for the purchase of uniform and accessories.
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