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AGM 2020

January 19th, 2020

Date:18 January 2020(saturday)


Venue:C2,C3,C4 Classrooms


Teacher advisors:Miss Quah Yee Hooi,Puan Lau Siik Ngie,Puan Adeline

Yesterday was our AGM.You all did a great job ,well done.We started our AGM by introducing our AJK,teacher advisors and also explanning our BB rules,regulation in BB.Before it ends,let us thanks Ms Quah,Madam,Puan Lau and also Puan Adeline for having a speech to all BB members yesterday!


They are ready to present in front of the new members and old members.

                                                  Staff seargent Eeleen is showing the uniform parts for the new members.                                                  Disipline master YUN JAE is having a speech about the dicipline,punishment and rules in BB.

The PIC of riffle is passing the riffle to the new and old members to have a look on it.

                                                         Good job everyone as there is a new members passing the riffl to an old members.                                                      Yesterday,we have a short introduction about the BB SIG and the Dancing Team did a great job and surprising dance for all of us.

                                                                 We r introducing our BB Madams and one of our madam is having a speech with all members.

                                                               Everyone seems concentrate when Puan Lau is talking.

All members are listening carefully when Miss Quah is having a speech.

Weekly Meeting 1:18/01/2020

January 12th, 2020

On 11 January 2020,we had our first AJK meeting to discuss about preparation of weekly meetings and each departments’s required skills.All of the AJK’s have prepared well to meet upcoming challenges.Meanwhile,we also celebrated Yu Xuan and Ee Shyan’s birthday.Lastly,Puan Lau told all the AJK’s to complete all task together so that all BB activities can be carried out smoothly.

All of the AJKs are listening carefully.

Vice president is talking to the AJKs.

Birthday girls!

Teacher advisor Puan Lau is talking to the AJKs.