WM 9 2022

September 20th, 2022

Date: 17 SEP 2022




Teacher advisor : Teacher Lau Siik Ngie

On 17 sep 2022 ,we had our 9th weekly meeting. We had conducted psc and colour guard trainings and also gallery making! Besides that, we also conducted our knots tying competition and guess what, Squad 3 won! Futhermore, we announced our 2023’s new AJK too. Our president in 2023 will be Cpl. Loo Yi Xuan and vice presidents in 2023 will be Cpl. Teoh Ying Qi and Lcpl. Chloe Poon Rou Yi. Let’s look forward to our next weekly meeting!

Announcement of ajk 2023 was in progress.

PSC drill team had practising too during wm9.

F2 members practised hard for their riffle.

Gallery making!! Every members worked together in this session.

One of our SIG, flag!



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